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We amplify your voice. Unlike traditional publishing, you have creative control over how your story is seen and told. PB enhances your voice without smothering or censoring you. We believe authors should be able to express themselves creatively and in a manner that presents their story as they desire.

Our Coaches & Book Architects

are second to none. We help you build and design a print or digital product in excellence that makes you proud. Our team meets with you during our design phase to create your project’s desired look and appeal. From traditional to cutting-edge designs, PB has the creativity and skillset to accomplish your project excellently.


We at PB refer to our book, digital or branding packages as investments. We realize the financial obligation of publishing or branding and want you to look at it from a different perspective as an investment. Therefore, we offer unique payment options that make the investment portion of the process as seamless and easy as possible.

Marketing Tools

Each publishing package comes with or gives you access to valuable marketing tools that will enhance your message’s reach and appeal.

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