The Writing Lounge

The Writing Lounge is a virtual space for established and aspiring authors to gain accountability, and community, learn strategies, to build the publishing project(s) they desire.

Sponsored by Purposely Booked Publishing services, this effort is a space for authors of all levels to unite and sharpen their writing and creative skills. Whether you are an experienced author or just starting, you can find valuable tips and strategies to help you reach your writing goals. In addition, by building community and trust among the lounge members, you can get advice from other authors on publishing your work while finding the support and accountability you need to stay on track. Here, you can make connections, find inspiration, and make the most of your writing journey.

With virtually biweekly meetings on Thursday evenings on a private platform and random Popup in-person Writing Lounge Events, we purpose to create a level of safety and comfort to share and support one another's ideas. It is incredible when creatives join together, supporting and pushing one another to achieve their writing goals.

The writing lounge stands on

  • Accountability + Consistency - Knowing you have a group of people counting on you to consistently devote an intentional amount of QUALITY time to building your project will encourage you to show up for YOU.
  • Security + Honesty - We have created a space where you feel comfortable sharing ideas and hearing honest feedback to sharpen and tighten up your storyline (s) or the overall quality of your publication.
  • Growth + Accomplishment - Use this group to set attainable timelines and actionable steps to achieve your publication goals is the breading ground for success.
  • Community + Support - Nothing is more remarkable than feeling the support of a community you have built when you release your project into the world. Your Writing Lounge family will be some of your biggest backers! Building a network of people with whom you can collaborate or refer to others is invaluable.

Do you agree with one or more of these statements or questions?

  • I have an idea for a book, ebook, journal, or publication, but I need to figure out where to start.
  • I have started working on my project, but I need a writing accountability partner because I need to be more consistent.
  • I need to stop making excuses and create a writing schedule that works for me.
  • My life is so loud, and I am having difficulty creating a space to be productive and achieve my writing goals.
  • I already wrote my book, but I need to know how to publish it and get it on various platforms.
  • I want to build community and connect with other authorpreneurs.
  • I have no clue what to write, but I know I am supposed to be an author! How do I narrow down all these ideas running through my head?

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